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Samunos 3 years ago
When my daughter was younger, I'd push her to talk to the person directly, rather than listen to the "so and so said that so and so said". Almost everytime there was a mistranslation or someone else with their own agenda. Now that she's older, I tell her to actually call, not text, message, snap, etc... it's too easy to infer tone that may not be there.
Gami 3 years ago
LOVE that underwear you wear, looks so fucking hot
Dutaur 3 years ago
That's exactly what I came for. It's less comments than I anticipated however. Thought it would be a cess pool of meme comments, and shit like that.
Mikakinos 3 years ago
now there's cod ww2 and everyone has semi automatics
Kazizilkree 3 years ago
We have very few judges willing to use our present laws and sentences. Killing a cop used to mean death. Now you can end up in a healing lodge or be released after less than 15 years. I like your plan and I bet most sane Canadians would go for it. It sounds like punishment and that's what's missing.

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