Reverse discrimination by asians


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Kazilrajas 3 years ago
am loving your favs
Vugal 3 years ago
Gravely if you don't like the movie then just budge on. Providing it a thumbs down affects our rating and that affects our earnings. The finer our ratings the more likely our movies will be featured and we'll keep making more. That doesn't mean you have to like everything, but if you don't love it then just don't vote it helps us so much more than providing it a thumbs down.
Gamuro 3 years ago
I get that. But it's still pretty expensive, even for one round of IVF. And then you're stuck supporting several babies all at once. Like I said...The financial excuse goes out the window, IMO. You just wanted bio babies. Period.
Tataur 3 years ago
recording por in pov position
Barisar 3 years ago
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