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Mikak 2 years ago
que ricos estan me encantaria conocerlos
Dogul 2 years ago
We have ranchers and farmers in this state (East side who get government subsidies in the hundreds of thousands every year, it literally makes them millionaires on taxpayer's dollars, and those same people turn around and vilify and denigrate a single mom who gets less than $200/month to feed her kids because she works at a part time minimum wage job, usually at Walmart or McDonald's.
Brarg 2 years ago
Well make sure u hit us up 9123344091
Nekinos 2 years ago
Mack The Knife
Tojashicage 2 years ago
Check all the businesses along woodward and bus stops. He'll eventually come along begging for money.after he uses the toilet at BK or Aldi.altho, he sometimes sh*ts alongside dumpsters or alleys.

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